Microsoft tackles porn revenge on Bing, OneDrive and Xbox Live


Microsoft now provides victims of pornographic revenge with a form to simplify their request to remove content.

After Google, Twitter or Reddit, Microsoft should announce that the organization will take steps to curb porn (or porn revenge) revenge by helping victims delete pictures from the Internet. Spread sex without their consent.

The Redmond-based company said it would remove links to those photos or videos from Bing’s search results and remove access to images shared on OneDrive or Xbox Live.

Jacqueline Beauchere, Microsoft’s online security manager, said in a blog of the organization: “If someone shares private pictures of others online without their consent, the consequences will be truly devastating.”
Recognizing that such incidents could have a serious impact on the lives of victims, Microsoft created a new page to report such incidents and streamline the process. This page is currently only available in English, but will be “translated into other languages ​​in the coming weeks”.

The manager added: “Obviously, this reporting mechanism is only a small step in an ongoing effort, and it is essential in the public and private sectors to address this issue.” Collaborate with industry leaders and experts on this topic Hope that its efforts will help “combat this despicable practice.”

Source : Microsoft