Definition of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an expression that refers to devices that make it possible to digitally simulate an environment by a machine (computer). Depending on the technologies used, it allows the user to feel a virtual universe with different senses: touch, hearing, smell at the most common sight.

Virtual reality therefore allows a person to experience immersion and perform sensory-motor activity in the artificial world. To ensure full immersion, the user uses the virtual reality headset. This uses the principle of stereoscopic 3D display to place the viewer in a virtual world created by a machine.

What is Pornhub & Pornhub Premium 2023?

What is Pornhub?

Pornhub is a Canadian porn video sharing and internet porn site. Started in Montreal and has been providing professional and amateur pornography since 2007. Porn hub has offices and clients in San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans and London. The company was acquired in March 2010 by Manwin (now MindGeek), which has a large number of pornographic websites September 2021.

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