Pornhub and xHamster will be blocked in Germany in 2023

Pornhub and xHamster are no longer available in the German market. The couperet is on the verge of collapsing. Following the implementation of new child protection legislation, the two titans will become unavailable throughout the whole Teutonic territory very soon.

Pornography has always existed, but the Internet has made it more accessible than ever before. In fact, a few key words now enough to locate extreme content, which is posing a serious problem for miners.

This is a problem since none of these sites checks the age of visitors before granting them access to their content. In fact, all they have to do is click on a simple button to pretend to be above the age of 18.

Pornhub and xHamster will be blocked in Germany

As a result, Germany, like most of Europe, has asked the major players on the market to take steps to restrict access to their content. Porn hub and xHamster, on the other hand, have not responded favourably to the demands of teutonic situations, and they will now be forced to pay the price.

As a result of new laws relating to the protection of children, all pornographic websites that do not verify the age of their visitors will be banned from the whole Teutonic territory.

The CPMM will issue a blocking order in the coming weeks, which will be accompanied by a list of sites to block. Pornhub and faphouse will take part, but they won’t be the only ones. YouPorn and MyDirtyHobby are also affected.

MyDirtyHobby and YouPorn are also concerned

However, nothing has been played yet. This order will be sent to all major German service providers, but the owners of these sites will have the opportunity to fight it. As a result of this decision, a new legal battle may be looming.

A battle that has the potential to last years

However, there is still the issue of the nature of the blockage. In order to block access to reprehensible content, Germany, like its European neighbours, relies mostly on the DNS of access providers. A common method that is simple to contour.

Measures that may or may not be sufficient

As we previously said in this document, DNS blocking is not an inadmissible rempart. To circumnavigate and regain access to blocked sites, just use a DNS other than our FAI’s or even a VPN.

While the operation may be a little difficult for a child, it is quite easy for a teenager who is at least interested in computers to carry out.

It’s worth noting that France is considering a way to restrict access to these sites. For the time being, no decision has been reached.

DHS and DOJ investigate escort and massage sites appeared after BACKPAGE shutdown

A year ago, Carl Ferrer, CEO of the classified ad site, pleaded guilty in federal court and the site was shut down. Now, the feds are turning their attention to the platforms that have somehow succeeded


According to Wall Street Journal report published on Sunday September 15, US authorities, including the DHS or Department of Homeland Security and the DOJ or Department of Justice, are investigating three websites. The latter are said to be earning money with advertisements on escort services and user opinions on prostitution. The agencies are therefore investigating whether these platforms also work in human trafficking, prostitution or even money laundering.

In addition, the investigation aims to reveal the link that the three sites have with David Azzato, a Swiss businessman.

Three sites in the crosshairs of the authorities

According to the Wall Street Journal, the sites, which specialize in reviews of massage parlors,, which collects reviews of escort services, and, an advertising site for services are among those who took advantage of the closure of According to an analysis of visitor data compiled by Alexa Internet Inc., was the most visited platform in July among the sites working in the underground sexual economy in the United States.

Rubmaps and EroticMonkey were the two most visited user review sites in the same month, as reported by, which analyzed and provided data and other tools to help law enforcement to combat sex trafficking.

Rob Specter, the founder and CEO of said that these three websites have benefited greatly from the closure of Backpage.

David Azzato in the crosshairs

Regarding the case of David Azzato, the latter said that he had no connection with the three sites. However, a source familiar with the investigation said that authorities believe he is actively involved.

Bassem Banafa, the forensic accountant who participated in the investigation on Backpage also said that critical parts of the intellectual property and payment and network infrastructure of these three sites are related to Azzato.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Azzato’s name appears in registration information, email addresses and records linked to some of these sites. In response, a spokesperson for Switzerland said that his name was used fraudulently as a contact for the EroticMonkey site.

In any case, the investigation continues and we will know soon enough the conclusions which will or will not condemn the three sites involved.

Updates: September 2021