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Facts, Effects and Harms of Sex Tourism Worldwide

Travel geopolitics linked to sexual globalization continues to be done today. Also, as forms of sex tourism are scattered, they cannot be undone. If sex tourism, the sexual form of extreme leisure time, takes place in the old prostitution universe, today it creates a modern scourge that tends to spread under both liberal and vulgar globalization pressure. tourist. This is now an indisputable fact – it is sufficient to see the proliferation and trivialization of sex tours in the most varied ways.

Let’s talk about agencies, many of which are American … – travel and sex industries share common interests in transforming the world into a gigantic amusement park if it doesn’t turn into a sexual playground. The current crises – economic or social – only reinforce this seemingly irreversible phenomenon.

Sexual liberalization against exotic environments and the background of global commodification are expressions of the state of sex tourism in the world. The denial of the undeniable reality and exploitation of misery in the world has diversified as the practice of sexual tourism has become widespread in recent years. To understand them, first you need to analyze them before you condemn them, avoid personal passions and fools, and avoid patented censorship and good thinkers assigned to that or that chapel.

Globalization of gender

The capital of lüks luxury iş prostitutes in the North clearly opposes the commodities of s misery “prostitutes in the South and East. Today, sex tourism is a controversial and commercial form of leisure to say the least. The growing is taking root in the world of prostitution, but it is spreading mainly under the influence of the globalization of displacement. In 2012, about 10% of a billion international tourists will choose their holiday destination (difficult to prove) according to the local sexual offer. If customers are generally more or less wealthy travelers who travel abroad to seek paid relationships with poor indigenous people, the methods of implementation are varied.

Types of gender tourism

In most cases, this is tourism that has been instilled into a pre-existing prostitution. It is the most common in many popular cities and coastal towns, especially Pattaya in Thailand, Saly in Senegal, and Fortaleza in Brazil. This prostitution is especially applied in bars, nightclubs, beaches and pavement. The canvas is now present on all floors of this double sector, both couple and tourist.

This can be tours organized by travel agencies. Some North American, German, Dutch, or Japanese pharmacies, often operating in cultural or thematic travels, offer more protected and hidden adventures and sometimes private or specialized sexual services. Since the intensification of the fight against the sexual exploitation of children, these organizations have been operating more secretly without disappearing from the landscape of sex tourism.

Finally, sex tourists may also be interested in the seemingly less traditional form of prostitution. During the stay, young local women volunteer as guides, friends and girlfriends. Even if the financial transaction is sometimes replaced with a “gift ((from mobile phones to motorcycles, from passports to jewelery, etc.), it can be rented by day, week or month. One example is the post-Castro Pandora’s box, re-opening the 1950s America’s sad brothel, and Cuba’s gynetas. In Africa, rastaboys and “antique dealers”. »In the search of mature Western women, establish personal relationships with them, but priceless.

Deciphering sexual tourism

Sex tourists: various profiles

Sex tourists are tourists who walk away from everything and have as much fun as possible in search of excitement, sexual and / or romantic adventures. But at this point, these innocent tourists can turn into wild predators. More than sex, they’re usually looking for domination. At the end of the world, anything is possible, including the idea of ​​challenging taboos. Regarding the profile of tourists, Final Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Child Trafficking for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT) were reported – statistics should be taken carefully – in the mid-2000s, 7% were under 30 years old, 18% were 30% to 40%, 33, 40% to 50%, 24%, and 50% to 60% and 18%. For the symbolic status of Thailand, 60% to 70% of 10 million visitors a year are male. 4 out of 10 people go there alone ”

In general, four types of sexual tourism can be mentioned: homosexual tourism (far south, generally more urban than the north), female gender tourism (at full speed, between 5 and 10% of its volume, female tourist client), male gender tourism (en) “classic” and the largest, Southeast Asia is the most popular area) and sex tourism involving children (due to the most frequent and most reported cases of pedophilia) – 2 to 3 million children aged 8 to 18 years, victims of sexual exploitation of tourists each year, however, these figures cannot be verified.

International action is still in its infancy

Prevention and more legally, ECPAT and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the European Commission and the United Nations (UN) have worked against child sex tourism for almost two decades. The political and judicial struggle for the enforcement of extraterrestrial laws has advanced greatly, but in practice, very few people worldwide have been sentenced. Many obstacles hinder or limit the scope of this legislation

In this area, the struggle continues more intensely than ever, and perhaps has just begun, child sexual abuse has remained unpunished worldwide to this day. Today, it is clear that prevention with real results is advancing strongly, and that protection and repression, which is so fundamental to this planet struggle, is only slowly progressing.

13 On 27 August 1996, in Stockholm, where the first World Congress brought together representatives of 122 states against the commercial exploitation of children, a real sense of international trouble arose. In 1999, an interesting World Tourism Code of Ethics was adopted by the WTO. The text foresees that sö exploitation of people in all forms, especially sexually and especially when children are undermining the main objectives of tourism and constitutes its negativity ”.

UNWTO, Global Tourism Ethics Rules. For tourism kapsam The scope of these Rules will unfortunately remain very symbolic. In December 2003, by adopting a framework decision, the European Union went one step further in the intensity of its struggle against child sex tourism and child pornography. Awareness has been created in recent years, but business has dominated; In the southern countries it is difficult to do justice to the fullest, with widespread corruption and common interests very important (more than Thailand, Cambodia has recently become a typical example of this inadequacy: general impunity from fighting and pimples, official or not). Almost everywhere, international co-operation has also been made difficult by legal traditions and carelessness of local authorities.