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What is Brazzers?

Brazzers is a Canadian pornographic production company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and legal domicile in Limassol, Cyprus. With an online network consisting of thirty-one adult pornography web sites, the company’s slogan is “World’s HD Porn Site!”,  Wikipedia.

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800,000 Brazzers Account Hacked Due To Shared Database

About 800,000 accounts from the Brazzers porn site have been hacked and sold in a deep network.

The dataset contains 928,072 individual records from 790,724 unique email addresses. There are also many usernames and passwords in plain text.

First spotted by the data breach monitoring site, many of these accounts were indeed duplicate or inactive.

Brazzers is, in fact, a site for adults. Brazzersforum, however, is a companion forum for the website. Using Brazzersforum, users can discuss videos, porn stars can also ask which scripts should get into subsequent videos.

Although both the website and the forum are different, they have the same database.

A Brazzers spokesman confirmed that user account data is shared by them for the convenience of users.

And here the hackers wanted to hack Brazzerforum, but thanks to the common database the possibility of hacking Brazzerforum means that hackers could also access the Brazzersforum database.

Brazzersforum is offline this year on 2021
Troy Hunt, who is a security researcher and website creator. helped verify the data set by contacting the subscribers of his site, who then confirmed a number of their data from the data.

“This is in line with an incident in 2012 with our third-party Brazzersforum. The incident was due to a vulnerability in the third-party software, the vBulletin software, and not the Brazzers themselves,” said Matt Stevens, PR. -manager in Brazzers.

At the time of writing, Brazzers stated that it has taken some corrective action, while Brazzersforum has been taken down for maintenance and is not available to users.

“Note that the datas contains many duplicates and non-functional accounts. We have banned all inactive accounts in this list in case these usernames and passwords are reused,” said Matt Stevens, public relations manager at Brazzers.

“Brazzers takes the privacy and security of users very seriously,” he added.